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Negotiation Update 


On Friday , Sept. 13 ,the bargaining committees of UMWA Locals 1769 & 2176  met with Energy West management at the District 22 office in Price for  scheduled contract negotiations.
1) Energy West announced that it is their intention to sell the Deer Creek Mine .
2) Energy West  hand delivered a contract termination notice to International District VP Mike Dalpiaz that became effective 11:59 p.m. on that same day (Sept 13) .
3)Energy West also  passed a written proposal to eliminate the" Successorship" language in Article I .
#1 - Energy West had earlier informed our bargaining committees that they were "contemplating" either the closure , sale , or contracting of it's coal operations and told us that they would inform us of their "contemplated" intention on Sept 13.
When questioned , Energy West responded that they have NOT received any "Letter of Intent" from any potential buyer.
#2 - When our contract "expired" on Jan 2 , either party ( UMWA or Energy West) had the lawful option of "terminating" the contract at that time . Up until Friday , neither party had done so.
The termination letter and notice issued by E.W.  starts the clock ticking on what is known or called a" 60 day Notice".  By law , the contract provisions do not terminate , we can not conduct a contract strike , or the company can not lock us out until 60 days have passed or a extension is negotiated.
#3 - In order to protect our membership from employers that would seek to evade their obligations under a current contract  by selling  to another party that is not signatory to our contract ,  we negotiate language in our contracts that that say that the Employer promises that its operations covered under the contract will not be sold , conveyed , transferred or assigned to any successor without FIRST securing the agreement of the successor (purchaser in this instance) to assume the Employers obligations under the contract. In other words , there can be no sale or transfer of the mine without us and our contract going along with the deal. We have such protection in Article I.
Energy West proposes to do away with that contract language that protects us in any future sale .
If they sell the mine to Osama Bin Laden's cousin  , they are telling us that they could care less about what Osama's cousin would do to us and our families.
Please attend our Local Union meetings this Thurs in Huntington for more Info.

The UMWA and Energy West Mining met on July 16, 2013 at the UMWA District 22 office in Price,UT for  negotiations.
Mike Dalpiaz demanded the re-instatement of the three employees that have been terminated. Also demanded that the Company re-instate the Employee's sick & personal days, Vacation, and Holidays. 
The Union passed to the Company a proposal on the selection of Arbitrators.
Last week, the Union sent to the Company letters that were addressed to the Arbitrators as to their selection to the panel and asked the Company to sign these letters. Also a letter was sent to the Company stating that we would select the arbitrators rotation at the beginning of negotiations on July 16th, 2013.
Mike asked the Company to join us in the selection of the rotation of the arbitrators. The Company would not. We will select the rotation without the Company using a neutral party.
Mike asked Marty Hudson from the UMWA Funds to join us at the table to help with negotiations on cost containment. Marty has been involved in this issue since the early 80s.
The majority of the discussions during negotiations was on the cost of prescription drugs and what the Company has done to curb these costs.
The Union agreed to help control these costs.
Negotiations will continue July 18, 2013 in Salt Lake City at the Company offices.
Local 1769 is building a float to put in the upcoming parades. Dana Anderson is leading this effort. If anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated. Please call Dana or the District office for information.
Lou Shelley
District Representative
District 22, U.M.W. of A.
435-637-2037 office
435-650-6622 cell

The next Negotiation's have been scheduled for Monday February 4th 2013 at the District 22 office.

The next Negotiation's have been scheduled for Wednesday February 20th 10:00 am in Salt Lake City.

Negotiation's have also been scheduled for Friday February 22nd at the District 22 office at 10:00 am all members all welcome to attend.

Energy West Bargaining porposals 2/20/2013

UMWA Health Care Proposals 2/22/2013

Energy West and UMWA Agreed Proposals as of 2/20/2013

Energy West and UMWA withdrawn Proposals as of 2/20/2013


No new negotiation sessions have been set as of today, the union has ask for health care information from the company but has not received nothing to date, the union is hoping to get the information by weeks end and hope to set some dates for negotiations.

On 12-18-2012 the Union and Company met for negotiations and after about 1 hour the company walked out and canceled all remaining negotiations sessions through December.The next negotiation session is set for 1-7-13


Negotiation's have been scheduled for Tuesday 1-8-13 and Thursday 1-10-13